Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer

Peter Shaffer's comedy was premiered in July 1965 by the National Theatre at the Old Vic. The original idea was inspired by a performance of San Ch'a Ko'u by the Peking Opera; in one scene two men convey the illusion of darkness by fighting a duel in the 'dark' with all the stage lights on. Peter Shaffer took this idea and used it in a modern situation - Black Comedy.


The story is set in an artist's flat during a power cut. Normally not too much of a problem but for Brindsley Miller it certainly is - he is expecting an art dealer to view his work and his prospective mother-in-law. The result is chaos!

Brindsley Miller - Maxim Griffin
Carol Melkett - Philippa Lee
Miss Furnival - Becci Vessey
Mrs Melkett - Alice Birch
Harold Gorringe - Graham Wellard
Schuppanzigh - Graeme Ellis
Clea - Holly MacInnes-Hurd
Georg Bamberger - James Chantry

Director - Carole Ashcroft
Stage Manager - Helen Gardner
Deputy Stage Managers - Ceri Ashcroft, Keith Ellis
Assistant Stage Managers - Jenny Cook, Stuart Murray, Andrew Whomsley
Touring Technician - Robert Ashcroft
Wardrobe - Jenny Underwood, Margaret Wheeldon
Front of House & Publicity - Julie kheng, Fiona nicholls
Photography - Robert Ashcroft, Alan Lowes
Sculptures - Robert Ashcroft
Home Based Touring Manager - Rhona Adam